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Hello, Montreal. Goodbye, Autumn.

Oh, hello! Is it December already? Have I really not logged on here since May? I realized this while watching "She's Gotta Have It" on Netflix today. While I'm currently wrapping my head around the show overall, I do dig that Nola, the (problematic) main character, is an artist from Brooklyn, New York. Oddly, or maybe not, it reminded me of my own creative juices. Anywho, I guess that was a roundabout way of saying that I wanted to share my photos from these last few months.

Being that Christmas is only a few short weeks away (not to mention it's cold and pitch black by 5:30), why not take a look back to summer for a bit, starting with my trip to beautiful Montreal. Also to note, I've also shared my list of must-see and -do if you ever find yourself in Montreal, pretending to speak French like I was.

Places to go with a short and sweet description:

Mont Royal - Views!

St-Viateur Bagel - Iconic *Joanne voice*

Montreal Clock Tower - A true test to my fear of heights.

Old Town - I splashed around in a fountain. Judge me.

Jardin Nelson - Good food and live a garden.

Cold Room - You'll feel super cool that you heard about this speakeasy located around the back streets of Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal. That's all I'm saying!

Montreal Botanical Gardens - I could have spent all day here. In fact, I think I did.

Dinette Triple Crown - Soul Food. I didn't even know that was possible in Montreal.

Bar Le Lab - Tasty drinks with a touch of fire. Very cool.

Cafe Parvis - It's just cute.

Restaurant L’Avenue - Look, they were playing Tribe and I licked my plate clean. Enough said.

Poutine La Banquise - You need poutine in your life. Now go!

Longest post ever? Sure, but helpful I hope!

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