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Blogging for old heads.

So technically, I don't think I'm an "old head." I'm only saying this because I'm sooo late to the blogging game. Do people even blog anymore? I feel like I missed the trend. However, I can't say I care too much about trends these days. I think most of my 30 and older folks can agree me with on this: you really just stop giving a sh*t what other people think or do. (Sorry for the curses, Mom!)

So blogging, and what now? I wanted to be better about sharing my photography (and life) journey, I studied journalism in school (my student loan payments tell me that I should be able to write? ...Right?), and lastly I wanted to be able to share whatever came to mind. Hey, there's a lot going on up there, so why not share! So, if you've read up to this point, thank you, and I hope you continue with me on this ride!

Peace & Love.

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