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Award Tour: Brussels (In a Day or So)

It's been over ten years since I first "crossed the pond" as a college student beginning my study abroad program in Madrid, Spain. While unimaginable today, this was a time before social media was fully engrained into our lives, and in truth, I kinda miss those days! I took plenty of photos along the way, which I eventually uploaded to Facebook, but what I cherish most when I look back is my journal. I would write vivid entries of my travels – on the road, from my homestay, after class, and every place in between. I thought I'd carry on a "mashup" of this tradition, and share both photos and thoughts on my recent travels to Europe.

So, let's chat about Brussels now. A work conference brought me to the city so I spent most of the week that I was there cooped up in my hotel room getting whatever sleep I could or working in a different hotel across the street. Not much of a view there, folks. Anyway, I had exactly a day after the conference to tour the city. On foot, I headed first to Grand-Place, or the central square, which is where a majority of these photos were taken. I felt like I was on an episode of Game of Thrones, minus the gore and war, etc. I probably stood in the square over an hour looking like a lost tourist, but really, I was just fascinated by the architecture.

The waffle pit stop was of course a must and the Nutella on top made me question my future use of syrup. Along the way you'll see a fluffy dog, antiques, and a lil' grittiness. I ended my tour with a well-deserved steak dinner (not pictured.)

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