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Sweet Memories

So I'm here to revisit summer because naturally that's what you do when you're wearing your heaviest coat, thickest scarf, and praying your favorite gloves make it through another winter without getting lost. (We've survived one season so far.)

Awhile back, when I had some time off before starting my current job, I told my parents that I wanted to relive their favorite childhood past times. As a kid, my memories of visiting Delaware were deeply rooted in go carts, walks on the Ocean City boardwalk, and July 4 barbecues. But as an adult, I've come to understand that I'd only scratched the surface. Over time, the unending stories of crabbing, Frankford Camp, and Rosedale Beach peaked my curiosity. I decided I wanted to experience for myself; I've been on this mission ever since.

"Frankford Camp is not what it used to be." I'd heard that many times, but some things you have to experience for yourself, even if to understand only the slightest piece.

According to Delaware Historical Society, camp meetings are described as "lively outdoor gatherings that combine faith, recreation, and socializing." I would also add amazing food; I had one of the best soft shell crab sandwiches in LIFE. They date back to 1892 at Antioch A.M.E. Church, my family's old stomping ground, pictured below.

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